Training and Development (Lanterman)

The following are training opportunities that focus on developmental disabilities and related topics and are conducted or sponsored by Lanterman Regional Center for service providers in the Lanterman community.

For more information about fees and parking, and to register for any of the below trainings, please download the 2014 Training Registration Form. The form is available as a PDF that can be printed and filled out.

Please note: Trainings are displayed in alphabetical order by the name of the training, and not by date.

Flu/Universal Precautions/Bed Bugs

This in-service will be an overview of the flu - definition, transmission, signs/symptoms, treatment, prevention methods and resources in Los Angeles County. The presentation will also touch upon bed bugs, why they are a public health issue and how to identify and treat/remove infestations. This is the July 2014 in-service.

Mental Health Treatment Plans - Part 2

This training will cover a review of different types of mental health challenges people struggle with and offer practical assessment, intervention and problem solving tools for every level of caregiver. This is the June 2014 in-service.

What Would You Do? for Day Programs

What would you do? You're the female staff and you have a male client who needs assistance using the restroom at the mall. Or, you are working with a group of clients and one walks out the door. How would you respond when facing these and other scenarios? This training will challenge you to develop solutions for some of the situations you may find yourself in as day program staff or administrators. This is the May 2014 in-service.