Special Topic Training (Lanterman)

Dr. Tom Pomeranz - Day 1: Supported Routines, Day 2: Enhancing Leadership Through Personal Power

In day one of his two days of presenations at Lanterman, Dr. Tom Pomeranz will present Supported Routines on May 8, 2014 in a training designed for direct support staff and supervisors from all programs (residential, day/work services, ILS, SLS, after school). This lively and informative session brings home the point that “habilitation is not a goal – it is a result.” People grow, develop and become more independent as a result of participating in meaningful life activities. The session details how supports should be delivered to allow individuals with significant cognitive, physical and/or behavioral challenges to participate in all aspects of their life. On May 9, the second day of the presentations, Pomeranz will present Enhancing Leadership Through Personal Power, a training is for supervisors, managers and administrators from all programs (residential, day/work services, ILS, SLS, after school). In this session, Dr. Tom Pomeranz provides the attendees with a best practice approach to Team Building. The session details specific suggestions regarding how attendees can enhance their personal power and increase their effectiveness as team players. Tom emphasizes that people tend to resist management but are inspired by leadership.

Residential Service Provider Orientation (RSPO)

This three-day course is designed to assist potential residential service providers and administrators in the Lanterman Regional Center service area and to satisfy the requirements of Title 17 regulations.